Hear My Vote

Hear My Vote

hear my vote
it is a child’s plea
hear my voice, it’s calling
please listen to me!

you brought me into being
into your world of love and dreams
and now it’s time to see me
as the future and the means

vote for what is real
for where we are right now
being informed by reality
listen, then know how

listen to your hearts
they always show us the way
then vote for those with passion
to transform, connect and stay

stay in the state where
nature is preserved
where natural balance results
from what is conserved

i don’t need the abundance
of more material things
i want a loving world
from what togetherness brings

what leadership is there
with collaborative design?
who believes that together
all solutions we can find?

i know they are out there
their voices have been hushed
seek deeply this alternative
before my world is mushed

gagi   10/18/15

8 Batz