Honour the Children

Honour the Children

What she witnessed today again gave her great pain
And she remembered it happening – again and again
We must speak our truth – forget anger and shame
Violence to others – all must stop and refrain

Refrain from repeating the actions we’ve seen
From parents and teachers and others who’ve been
Role models who have lost it, let loose or been mean
Hurt us with roughness or language obscene

Oh how can we stop this – a disease that has spread?
Thru generations perhaps but now there’s more to dread
The movies, TV, texts, even songs
Distorting a beautiful world and a grandmother mourns

Throughout this world,  affecting all living things…
The children, blessed children with sweetness are born
We love them, protect them yet soon brews a storm:

….A child defies, choosing its own way of seeing, expresses its own understanding, using its own tone….
….An adult or older child corrects them and blocks who they are
and misses the opportunity to hear their perspective….

Oh let them be who they were born to be
Let them be who they are here to be
They chose their families and will teach them too
If given the chance, they’ll share wisdom with you

Where two or more gather, friends, family or by birth
Country, race, religion or who came first
Differences can be a problem if we let them be
and some choose to comment on what they see

Who’s responsible for action or language that’s rough?
Is that who we want to the future entrust?
Can we not see the richness in our cultures’ diversity
and tolerate and honour our different complexity?

Oh guide us dear Ancestors, Elders, Great Spirit
We need help right now – surely you can hear it
How do we allow the journeys of others
when what they do harms the little ones – sisters and brothers?

Prayers and visions for how we can change
Surely the answers are somewhere in range
Carry the Light and the Love to the ones
Who are lacking the patience for this world’s daughters and sons

Let us receive the wisdom that’s there
And show to our young ones just how much we care
Gentleness, kindness to these loving, sweet beings
If we all lived like sweet children we’d enjoy loving feelings

gagi     TBL