How Can We End Suffering?

How Can We End Suffering?

suffering is dependant
on our perception of life
comprehend it

everything is of a spectrum
and thru our awareness
we observe it

to simply be
to be aware
to ride the tide
to be there

to focus on
our heart’s desire
to warm not burn
beside each fire

to learn to say
just what we feel
to share our love
and each ordeal

for challenged by
more than we can handle
is the opportune time
to seek to dismantle

dismantle by
asking for help
and seek the source
of what makes us unwell

there is always a gift
in what we experience
the emotions felt
are our deliverance

emotions fuel
a passion for change
suffering itself
can be rearranged

seek the gifts
that are only concealed
by the perception of suffering
ask and be healed

gagi   04/20/15