How to Synchronize Our Hearts

How to Synchronize Our Hearts

to co-create
to bring into being
begins with the energy
of consciously conceiving

conceiving together
with hearts all aligned
going first to emptiness
releasing our needs all combined

we are then readied
to align with the sacred
and an altruistic endeavour
can be on our vision board pasted

then we bring in the seed
the seed we want planted
this we’ll nurture to grow
into something enchanted

altruism is the key factor
of which we must understand
bringing our hearts into synchrony
must be natural, not by our command

every step of the way
towards the power of creation
must be consciously defined as
bringing all seen and unseen into relation

into relation with, all that will shift
knowing our power will change and uplift
consciously working as one and yes too to play
for the joy of co-creating is the very ultimate way
to care for all life, growing this love and this beauty
with synchronized hearts, sequestered in our sacred duty
in the course of time, we will change the course of our history

gagi      11/24/18