I Am Complete

I Am Complete

i am complete
as i sit on this seat
with the Earth at my feet
connected with love

i am complete
there is nothing i lack
from tip to toe
from front to back
nothing i lack

i am complete
inwards and out
moving or still
seated until
i sleep at the feet
of others complete

my aunt, a dear aunt
came in my sleep
a message to reap
that message of love

with sound and with light
swirling, colours bright
tones of completion
a state of repletion

to know we are whole
that love is our goal
to understand we are one
every daughter or son

and as we know we are one
then the New will have begun
to be created with love
all living and free
free to be
to be love
resplendent with love
in peace and in joy
grateful to be

oh yes
the answer is


gagi   08/03/18