Ice is a device to expand our perspective
to expand to understand is our objective
we know that water responds to sound and to thought
when it freezes the vibration at that moment is caught

the glaciers, the polar caps
hold a history of where we were at
now that they thaw and release
they free the past, letting go with ease

and with prayer and intention
and a clear practice of abstention
from judgement and greed
the multitudes we can feed
with love

cherish the vapour, the liquid and ice
feel them, know them, be the device
intentionally contribute to what becomes
ice and water

we’ve been given a medium
that connects all on Earth
we are water, were held in water
even before we were birthed

we are our emotions
and our thoughts it is true
the water in our cells
knows all that we do

we breathe out
and we radiate all that we are
impacting on everything
be it close by or far

water is warmed
by the love in our hearts
all hearts are connected
to the One Heart that starts

starts the act of Creation
when all hearts combine
to feel the love and the joy
and the peace that can climb

climb to the summit of existence
full of wonder and grace
and expansive full gratitude
that all can embrace

who knows what forms
in the future will be
but know the purpose of ice
holds the key to be free

gagi      02/07/14