there is something so expansive
when we speak of the infinite
something that can grow and grow
no boundaries to define

now we’re asked to scrutinize
the word itself holds the key
it is not the world outside of us
it’s the inward we’re asked to see

the limitless space within
the potentialities that exist
in the limited body we’re in

our physical shape may have limits
but the resources it holds do not
to explore this frontier is an adventure
go inwards for what is sought

pleasurable journeys in stillness
travelling to and fro
magnificent solutions discovered
even when we didn’t “know”

the knowledge and wisdom accessed
is freely shared with those who seek
different perspectives and ways of doing
and an answer will pop as they peak

different combinations or aspects will gather
the amounts accumulate until
a peak is reached for the gatherer
and a solution is recognised and instilled

go, enter the infinity
spare no time to pack
the abundance is there that you’re seeking
discover, there’s no looking back

gagi   04/25/15