are we passive
are we dormant
when we simply do nothing?
what is it that stalls us
as we allow all to flow?
could it be we are waiting
for the return of the wanderers
those who have gathered
their soul journeys’ fruit?
patience so present
and a calm pure acceptance
a certainty of the unknown
that is preparing to emerge
resting, supportive
to those in our periphery
sharing our wisdom
inner guidance and truth
blessed is the interlude
between action and new beginning
inertia contains all
we have combined
shared to prepare
the new, new beginning
for humanity’s emergence
into the realms
that are of beauty and love
be with the quiet ones
holding the frequencies
space holders of the eons
here to become
the power of creation
will be ours of the new times
an awareness
a responsibility
a joy to receive
know we have awakened
into the the times of possibilities
soon to reactivate
our power of love
gagi     01/25/22