Inside Out

Inside Out

the sacred, the divine
inside we refine
and our own alignment
is our refinement

called to be aware
of our outer world from there
then opening the door
to bring forth and to explore

what are we attracted to?
where can we be of service?
how can we deliver our gifts?
is this not our life purpose?

we focus on the inside
then we carry it out
to magnify, expand it
and distribute it about

becoming the wisdom carrier
expressing it with love
with a knowing that we cannot fail
in creating the all we have dreamed of

precious peace
precious love
space for the quiet
balancing, rebalancing
activating as we apply it

our fullness is becoming
waxing into a whole
our powerful inter-braiding of
strands of light from each heart and soul

the pregnant gestation
of the nurtured from within
birthing to the outer world
to simply then begin

gagi      09/27/17