a brave new world
emergence from our past
clearing the way
for our vision has been cast

it is not hope that will drive us
it is a knowing that we can
create our envisioned future
now all is woven in our plan

this intelligence is contagious
catch it if you can
the intelligence of the heart
is central to our plan

as more hearts awaken
we communicate with love
there is no stronger message
than the vision we’ve dreamed of

a planetary awakening
all life held in high esteem
a nurturing and healing
all part of this dream

constant revitalizing
of all we cherish and want
to share in the establishment
of our new world by our savant

our savant
the one heart
it holds us all

the one heart
the green heart
as we answer
the chakra’s call

blessings to know this
there is nothing that can slow this
the expansiveness
the contagion
for the sign of heart intelligence
is our ability to love

gagi     10/09/20