What is is!
What IS IS!

Creation is born
Creation is form
It arrives first as a poem
like a message from home

Then comes the arrival of light
Delicate yet bright

The light expands into all places
Lighting up after it erases
the old and the obsolete
then its work is complete

Next a new form is born
signifying a new morn
It feels more like a gel
and is gifted to our water well

Into the ocean
it goes into motion
and prepares all the waters
for the dolphins and otters

The carriers of the codings
now arrived and exploding
into our biosphere
into a space that’s cleared

Codes to be accessed
as we spin on an axis
that indicates a portal
to torus movement immortal

Inward pull and contraction
balanced by pushing out, expansion
Continuous movement
giving access to improvement
to what we give

Our gift is our service
and knowing our purpose
to co-create a new way
and balance our interplay

Exchanging and language
the communication advantage
Expansion into the empty
to access the plenty

Understanding that suffering
is erased by our buffering
and total immersion in love
As below so above

What is is
That is true ISIS

gagi      11/21/13