Justice and Beliefs

Justice and Beliefs

has the impact of landing here and now
into a place of such abundance or lack of
affected your sense of balance?
is this fair and reasonable?

inner balance is so related to
the points of reference that we hold
these points are no longer valid
i am finding this too

the only constant that i find has merit
is love, deep love, radiant heart
and generosity of what we have called time
but is really presence

i am aware my vocal meanderings
exploring my very real concerns
for family, friends, community and beyond
may seem insensitive to your pain
i am sorry for this

you may simply want quiet
quiet now to recalibrate
often we are so excited to share
a new adventure, an opportunity
we don’t feel our impact
on others

let us face each day with simple grace
in service to The Greatest Love of All
let us be gentle with ourselves and each other

i love you dear friend and want to help mend
the pain, the cause of your suffering right now

i want to step into the infinite New
with you and others
with no fear, no expectations
with a sense of joy held
with deep and unshakeable inner peace
and so much gratitude
for All That Is

blessed be
from that place of free
free to be
unique aspects of and and always becoming
the next infinite sum that is experienced by
and as our Creator

gagi     11/04/20