Let Us Begin

Let Us Begin

never before have the prospects aligned
to clear out the past and bring in the divine
precious are the angels who are bringing it thru
meet them and greet them, they’re calling to you

recognize each by the way that they speak
see in their eyes – gentle, kind, once called meek
feel the calmness, the wisdom, the love in their hearts
they speak not of the problems but solutions impart

and as they connect and meet others emerging
the inflow of the sacred is not seeping but surging
the momentum is building, recognize who you are
your work of discovery has taken you far

now is the time and the place to evolve
into the splendour as you spin and revolve
shedding the past, let it go and forget
only thru freedom will the future be set

connect thru your hearts, open and free
let the love that you are emerge and just be
fluid and radiant, blending the light
merging, emerging to become thru your sight

to see and believe, to know and then grow
into the visions from the seeds you did sow
from nothing at all, held by the dark sacred night
emerging to become with the dawning new light

let us begin
let us emerge
let us surf the wave
and ride the surging curve

gagi      05/14/15