Lost Poem

Lost Poem

a lost poem
a star remembered to send it before it slipped out of sight
a remarkable poem carried by the starlight
a photon at a time

oh wonderful world
blue-green planet
we watch over you
and share of our light

the memory banks
light years in the making
are being upgraded
to record the new – it’s a frequency code

splashed by Saturn
passed by Venus
the language of love
will be all that exists

old records, old books
old songs, old habits/competitions
disintegrated, repurposed
or gone out of sight

love songs, awareness, dances of beauty
flowers of passion, a freshness in form
smiles and laughter, hugs and heart connections
a slowness of pace until delight catches on

humanity reassembled
collaborative new structures
intentionally designed
to hold that for which we long

all planets, all star systems
wanting to be newly balanced and nurtured
atmospheres of love, of joy
the simplicity of peace and true gratitude

the elements of your trade
human by design
pray let us remind and encourage
we are waiting to align

gagi     04/16/23