Merry Christmas

what we can become
has already begun
 taking the time
responding to the divine
the answers to our prayers
are the same as theirs
a desire for peace, for calmness and grace
a resurgence of love with exponential expansion
connecting all on Earth
from aged to birthed
from heart to heart to heart to heart to heart
we have all made a start by loving a friend
by loving our families, our gardens, the stars
by embodying the wisdom, empowering the mar 
signify yes
we are part of the change
the tree of life is living and we are all part of its range
expanding and growing, feeling the flow
from our common roots, common origin from which we did grow
by love
with light
peace                on Earth
good tidings                 we bring
know we are the angels               it is time now to sing
gagi     12/25/14