mesmerized by the power of words
the energy, enchantment held by the sound
the multiple meanings whose intent can be bound
by words as they’re spoken, received, verbed or nouned

precious the vehicle to express who we are
to communicate to others our feelings and share
what we are experiencing, what we want there to be
adjectives are plentiful as we embellish and foresee

our means of expression, gentle or not
greatly enhances the meaning that’s caught
received or replayed, embedded or felt
the words we are using can be also misspelt

and does a misspelling alter the word
most often not for it is how it is heard
releasing the rules, focussing on the sound
we can ultimately play with all that’s outbound

the skill of enhancing the words that we use
is in the passion expressed with the intent to infuse
another or others who are there to receive
our heartfelt emotions and what we believe

there is something missing
when we don’t speak from the heart
for the heart knows the beauty
of the words we impart

gagi      10/05/16