The Role of the Whistle Blower

The Role of the Whistle Blower

in this time of self expression
we see now a new progression
from what was self disclosure
into out of integrity’s exposure

to be a whistle blower
one assumes many risks
and a passion to right the wrongs
can emerge with many twists

for what we observe
may be hidden in the curve
as time goes spiralling on

the detailed memories may be lost
but what remains is the cost
of wrong doings harming another

the whistle blower is a witness
witnessing the grievances, a pattern
with a desire to stop a destructive flow
all can be lit up with love’s powerful lantern

a love for life, for humanity
a retrieval from past insanity
purposefully exposed to the collective
so solutions can be brought to the elective

and a voice of reason and compassion
can speak to the whistle blower’s cash-in
transformation and healing is evoked
when the fire for change has been stoked

gagi      05/09/16