Scarring of the Soul

Scarring of the Soul

the deepest, deepest trauma
can cause a scarring of the soul
and the effect upon a lifetime
can really take its toll

for trauma oft has a consequence
loss of trust and fear of doing
it can paralyze, demoralize
and has the danger of accruing

such trauma can be passed
from generation to generation
stored at a cellular level
from our DNA’s creation

we do not need to wait
for the soul’s interlude time
we can clear this trauma
thru intention and design

an intention to love the wounded
and to take responsibility as well
to ask for forgiveness
and be grateful, remaining faithful

faithful to the lesson learned
so as to never harm another
then to show our love is limitless
so the trauma is uncovered

uncovered, released to
the embers of the past
allowed to softly fade away
with no more heat to draw us back

we must never ignore or diminish
the telling of one’s anguish
for upon hearing of the suffering
we can respond with love’s own language

we are in this journey together
sharing the joys and the sorrows
we have such great opportunities
to co-create our treasured
treasured tomorrows

gagi      05/09/16