Metaphoric Dream

Metaphoric Dream
waking up to the quiet
rested and still
feeling, allowing the senses
to join me until
there arrives a remembrance
a very short dream
such a metaphor for life
and where i have been
there had been a warning
of grassfires moving rapidly
the wind was fanning
the flames and the heat
i lay helpless on my back
don’t know why i could not move
when on the horizon
i saw billows of smoke
and then they came
animals fleeing in panic
they were the predators
those who liked to attack
some would stop and sniff
tempted by my helplessness
but their own fear
carried them on
then there were others
i could feel their intention
a high pitched scream
drove them away
it was not a scream from fright
it was a communication
i was not there for them
but to experience life
and as they continued
to flee the flames
they no longer came near me
they turned away
and then i noticed
the flames still chased them
and i was safe
just where i lay
the dream did not wake me
but lingered to express
when we feel we’re being attacked
that doesn’t have to be real
it is those who attack
who are driven by fear
and by being still
they will try then disappear
they will always be chased
by the fire of suppositions
let us remain the calm
and not fight in opposition
and then i remembered
the very last scene
a black wolf stood majestically
as if protecting us from attack
able to guide the aggressors
away from his pack
gagi     09/29/22