More Definite

More Definite
more present, more definite
more able to share from within
the power of experiential journeying
is an opportunity to re-begin
meditation and connection
to what is there but oft unseen
gives us such clarity
to what is and what has been
opportunities to view
from an egoless place
to ask for forgiveness
when we had fallen from grace
witnessing the history
of the influences in our lives
sometimes a hint of clarity
of what to release or have survive
often the beauty of memories
snapshots of  the treasures held
and a releasing to emptiness
as the traumas now are quelled
to understand the arrival
of the times we’ve waited for
to the emerging peace and tranquility
we have opened the door
the re-turn to the sacred feminine
released from the controls of the past
and a re-turn to the balanced masculine
gentle and strong be now how they are cast
a joyous emergence
to being who we are
merging into the creative cosmos
each a shining star
gagi    10/18/22