My Beautiful Covid Dream

My Beautiful Covid Dream
there was a group of young women
all dressed in colourful flowing gowns
out on the grassy slopes
of a residential area
perhaps a college
they were laughing and dancing
a happy celebration
a few young men turned up
friends to cheer them on
then came the theme of the rose
each had a different colour they chose
and these were used to enhance
their playful, joy-filled dance
up a slope
down a slope
playing hide and seek
then came a time
to co-design
a way to remember
each had a plaque
not too large
upon which they placed their rose
and beside each rose
in their own prose
they wrote how it represented life
somehow the plaques were sealed
in a shiny clear covering
that instantly dried and preserved
their discovering
of what truly mattered
then a large group plague
appeared with a purpose
and magically somehow
each rose resurfaced
a column of roses
and beside each one said
who they were…
i am love
i am a friend
i love life
i am …
each a brief definition
of how they chose to live
with a statement that anchored
all they wanted to give
perhaps a class tribute
to encompass all they had learned
from love,  life, friendship
and joy
gagi     03/04/23