positioned in stillness
abstract to the core
a wanting emerges
have we been here before?

spacial awareness enters the mix
a simple acceptance with nothing to fix
a deep inner stirring
in peaceful alignment
awakening now to our sacred assignment

inside a sphere holding all potentiality
a stirring, a dreaming to create the eventuality
possibilities flash by
vision is exceeded
a polarization streaming in
with all that is needed

orchestration from our hearts
blessings of love
measurements defined
by what we dream of

what is becoming
can only be called NEW
a coming together
of the we who can do

precious the inauguration
brilliance and beauty defined
exquisite structures and systems
as our all is combined

major expansion of our senses and skills
weaving a time line of creation until
the old is replaced by the NEW that became
never to return to the obsolete game

feel the beginnings
be who we are
saturated with love
brightening the mar

copious progenies of the star systems extent
mastering the journey ’round the spiralling bend
entering the arena of cooperative means
playful extensions of the movement that streams

absolute chaos enabled us to just stop
entering a silence, a stillness, with a chaotic backdrop
released from the confusion
a non-participator seeing the delusion

allowing, observing, letting it go
releasing old patterns into the flow
decluttering, gifting, not needing to keep
emptying out to allow in the NEW that we seek

measuring simply to the call of the divine
feeling the luxury of love that’s combined
fuelled by an ability to see thru the eyes of creation
owning that we can live with emotional elation

yes to the NEW
blessed to be able
we are evolving
we are the capable

capable of changing
expanding into our wholeness
emergent contemporaries
collaborative soulness

awakening to the NEW
let us leave no one behind
our strength is our oneness
when all is combined

gagi    01/02/17

mar – defined as the ocean of infinite love