Nothing To Do with Love

Nothing To Do with Love

what was that presence?
what wants to speak?
what causes the no sleep?
what makes us want to weep?

that feeling of overwhelm
that to-do list we keep
endless projects unfinished
oh what the bleep!

the questions were asked
the answer was swift
“it has nothing to do with love”
so it’s no time to take the fifth

we may then each answer
not blaming ourselves
for the emotions we feel
must be explored as one delves

delving into our time spent
each day and each night
habits? distractions? have-to-dos?
mind made-up stories addressing our plight?

now ask the question
are we keeping life’s purpose in sight?

we are here on our soul journeys
what did we want to learn?
this is a new opportunity
we can co-create all for which we yearn

sharing perspectives
dreaming the dream
listening thru the heart
creaming the cream

sitting in circle
ensphering the all
it IS all about love
when we answer the call

gagi     02/26/20