One Eleven

One Eleven

a return to the beach
after many weeks
the stones were still there
in perfect symmetry

aligned north, south, east, and west
they had continued to rest
a circle of 12 stones
someone had borrowed
to hold
their small camp fire

gently cleared away and re-spaced
the stones were having their say
now 19 formed the ring
for they wanted to sing
their new song

stepped back to view
and with curiousity too
their alignment had shifted
my phone’s compass then gifted
all aligned to 111
an easterly direction

this morning my meditation was done
not facing the sun
but to One Eleven
on this day of offering and number 7
a Tzolk’in alignment

what this may mean to you
with your own perspective or view
is important to observe
we are awakening

we have arrived
a new stage
let our performance begin
let us be love

gagi     09/24/23