One Hell of a Responsibility

… on exploring the responsibility of acquiring an abused pet with history and breed reputation for attacking others…
One Hell of a Responsibility
to save a life yet to threaten another
is a difficult choice to make
compassion of the heart or a yearning for love
can influence which road we take
and what of the discussion of reputation
is it justified or not?
a simple research of the facts on hand
may shed light upon this spot
this spot one can be in, mistake even sin
cannot be easily undone
for if the facts stand true and they often do
it is only time to see which argument’s won
beware of defending unless you know
for certain there is no threat
for to be responsible for the lives of others
is one hell of a responsibility to be met
gagi     05/08/15
sin:  wrong, wrongdoing, misdeed, transgression, offence