Password to Death

Password to Death
the password to death is giving up
and sometimes its a gentle surrender up
there is a resistance to discuss or write about death
yet its eminence is as near as our last breath
if a plant starts to whither and to wilt
its life is nurtured by attention, not by guilt
we sit in a room, aware it’s full of belongings
do the plants and the books also not have longings?
the attention we give to all with which we live
nurtures a relationship and the importance of to give
to live a full life with no regrets
is a life full of love and what love begets
to simply be noticed and appreciated as is
gives a sense of belonging and that ’tis
the gift of the living, to love and be loved
to appreciate the beauty and the connections thereof
splendid is life, let us live it as though
every opportunity to love gifts an opportunity to sow
the gift of receiving and the feeling of being seen
so that all who meet death
will understand what life
what their life
did mean
gagi      06/19/16