Peaceful Entanglement

Peaceful Entanglement

peaceful entanglement in all that we do
feet on the ground, yet able to move
feeling our way, yet seeing it too
sensory beings with so much to do

heart-centred balance brings all into alignment
a calmness evoked by the observers’ assignments
connected to Earth, yes connected to all
thru our very beingness we’ve answered the call

the timing is perfected by being in sync
knowing the power of the thoughts that we think
mobilizing the factors of Jerusalem’s past
honouring the peace and the love that will last

marking the levels of the rising beliefs
suffering diminishes as our love is increased
participants in an orgy of manifesting the new
great beauty and comfort as our entanglement grew

pacifying, an outreach to the embers that flame
recognizing the source of the militants’ game
severing the ties that control the freedom to share
possibilities released to our imaginative care

pain in our hearts, eased as we start
being the peace in every interactive part
feeling the differences and honouring them too
entangled in oneness in all that we do

gagi       11/23/15

the morning this poem was written…looked up “Jerusalem’s past” wondering how it had come into the poem…found out Jerusalem meant City of Peace!