Peacock became a symbol
of splendour and strength
that spread throughout the world
thru its width and its length

a gift of the gods
representing them too
a colourful portrayal
for what they can do

let us explore deeply
how this image evolved
why was it chosen?
what puzzle was solved?

birds are often the symbol
of power and rarity
eagle, swan, hummingbird
also symbols without parity

yet the splendour and colour
of the peacock’s display
and feathers with eyes
what does it say?

so unique and so special
and cherished this bird
it travelled from India
to places unheard

and yet silent and unrecognized
there is one who is more
it is the peahen who delivers
the young to each door

it was not just the peacock
who was traded and kept
it was his mate, plain clothed,
disguised and adept

adept at giving birth
birth to the new
generations, inspirations
to more than a few

so let us not be fooled
by the colourful displays

what would happen now
if we appreciated the plain
the gentle, the quiet
often given no name

who nurtures and carries on
without fanfare or fame
heralding the rebirth?
yes, recognize we came
from the Mother whose love
cherishes all as the same

gagi     05/26/14