perhaps we will take notice
that our thoughts are the problem
our thinking for solving
just keeps us revolving
in the sameness

by letting go of our thought
we are no longer caught
in the thought that we know
the answers
to all our problems

it is the delight of a child
nothing preconceived filed
simply bringing in the new
a concept
or imaginative clue

can we let go of thought
trusting we will be given what’s sought
after eons of searching and trying?
by letting go…will it be the buy in?

a greater intelligence awaits
many are holding open the gates
we are in charge of our fates

we don’t need to understand
just surrender and as if planned
from that quiet place receive
the answer to our plea
then take action

to create
peace on earth
goodwill to all
an end to suffering
blessed be
we soon shall see

gagi     11/23/13