Perpendicular to Rotational

Perpendicular to Rotational
above and below
there is a flow you know
perpendicular as we stand
our feet on the land
aware how we stand
feeling the land
and the expanse above
now go to within
conscious of how we begin
an aquatic environment
free floating until
full form and still
we are birthed and reliant
on others’ assignment
to carry us temporarily
then eager and with regularity
we explore all that is
fine tuned to the distance
of all in existence
our compass direction
is thru our perfection
of our personal gyrosphere
here we align
by a rotational design
in any direction
a perfect intersection
of will and of might
bringing into sight
our ability to connect
download and reflect
on distant perspectives
taking new directives
and living as one
yes we have become
nodes in a web
no matter what is said
we are infinite expressions
of all that is
ask us any quiz
we can connect to the myz-tery
and create a new story
loving the process
of being able to access
and become the new
gagi     11/21/21