Personal Awareness as a Metaphor

Personal Awareness as a Metaphor
my body is changing
my feet are now the same size
sometimes i see perfectly
there is a change with my eyes
i need much less sleep
and can sleep on both sides
i eat very simply
no more big meals
freshness and colour
seem to be what appeals
simple ingredients
or in its pure form
food no longer the same necessity
as the new body is born
the water, live water
nourishes the soul
the body drinks in the sunlight
top of head to the sole
bathing in sunlight energizes like food
totally relaxes and enhances the mood
craving the outdoors
living in nature
playing in the garden
as part of Creator
the flowers, the birds
the trees and the seeds
nurturing, communicating
understanding their needs
recognition when in the freedom
from engineered electrical fields
how quiet it feels
and the peacefulness it yields
a need for solitude
meditation and fun
collaboration with soul families
as our new lives are spun
the magic of our offerings
as they blend in together
creation of the unimaginable
in this new land of no never
spacial inequities
coming into balance
movement is flowing
a choreography of dance
seeing all as love and beauty
and seeking ways to enhance
always asking for help
in a moment of need
treasuring how the answers arrive
and how much they can seed
and important, so important
is a recognition that now
i cannot be in the presence of the following or their impact allow:
violence – language or actions
intolerance – judgements or projections
ignorance – not seeking others perspectives
hurriedness – we are not in charge of the timing of things
controlling – not allowing others their own journeys
disrespect – not honouring another’s contributions
hatred – never understood the word hate
the impact of these actions can be so distorting to the energy fields
there is a necessity to remove oneself
feeling compassion, non-judgement
and seeking the clear freshness of simple beingness
connected to all
released from the fall
of past humanity
experiencing the new
sure you are too
as we awaken into an awareness
we are creating our future
and have the power to be
loving and free
blessed to be
and consciously
being what we see
as the new humanity
gagi     09/01/22