Pivot Point

Pivot Point

what is it this morning
they want to express?
it seems to be
our birthplace address

i was shown some lines
from wherever we are
running thru our birthplace
and extending out far

what does this mean?
an awareness of where
we took our first breath
and experienced air?

was it because for the
very first time
we felt the caress of our mother
lying on her, supine

no longer held in water
our senses exchanged
into the world of air and solids
receptors all rearranged

this was the environment
into which we would grow
this place of our birth
introduction to what we’d know

so wherever we go
there’s a way to align
to the place of our birth
thru a straight yet curved line

straight from the place
if it is close to where we are
curved as the Earth curves
if the distance is far

what intrigues is the vision
of how the line extends
what does it lead to
or is the word appends?

as we move, an extension
of who and what we are
has an influence on others
be it close by or far

we can take advantage
of this knowledge and grace
by practicing consciously
how to align to our birthplace

there may also be another
exactitude to explain
to totally zero in
we can play the distance game

go to a point equidistant
and past our birthplace – thru
to another point that gives us
another point of view

this gives us from our pivot point
communication that is clear
and an ability to understand
to both listen to and hear

we can power up our senses
and use them this way
an intelligent extension
to an intuitive heart ray

is this really true
or an exercise today
to expand our awareness
and engage in some play?

don’t know about you
but i’m in for the game
and will get out some maps
and see what lion i can tame

gagi     11/27/13