Please Come

Please Come

please come she called
a desperate plea from the darkness of night
yes, yes, i answered
knowing she must share her plight

how can it be? a desperate plea
when will humanity recognize that we
we are the source of our suffering
why must we continue this way?

there was nothing left
her husband dead, her home destroyed
her children starving
no way to be employed

the area toxic
the fields lay barren
a scarred landscape
no one caring?

how can it be?
others have wealth
our plight is now
and our very health

now dependent on the decisions of others
come, come now, hear the mothers
a desperate plea, you must hear me
are we to be sacrificed to war?

she has touched my heart
and a reminder came
written on a vehicle it said
“let the people lead and the leaders will follow”

we have heard her voice
know we have a choice
not to turn away, speak up and say
we are here to help you survive

we love you and are here at your side
we will not abandon you or hide
from the truth of who we all are

we will come
a crusade initiated by the women
we have shared your suffering
and this suffering must end!

simple acts of love
a gathering of the wisdoms
massive support
influencing decisions

let us lead and answer the call
a time for peace and goodwill to all
we must change our ways
and protect the mainstays

women who have birthed new life
so much more than a sister or wife
they have fought for the rights of others
and they have paid the price
and have no more to give
but a question

gagi        10/21/15