Policy Papers

Policy Papers

policy papers have been a way of defining
the path to be taken as all is aligning
seldom do they augment the total description
and never complete what’s described in the diction

maintaining the integrity of policies written
is different than planning them, like a garment knitted
to follow a pattern and complete the garment
takes time and re-checking with a dedication that’s ardent

and so in this newness of starting afresh
and wanting the love and the beauty to mesh
do we need to write the policy papers
or can we simply convene to begin our co-creative capers?

capers indeed, for the capacity to do
is the very emergence of divinity in you
and as you gather in the resonant fields
the abundance of creativity will produce hefty yields

the coming together is a part of the doing
but knowing thyselves is critical to all that’s ensuing
practice the art of asking to be mirrored
then your wholeness can be seen, totally appeared

the gaps can be infilled, complemented by
others who have a passion and gift that abides
more than your wholeness is the wholeness of all
no policy paper is needed to answer that call

gagi   12/09/15