Politically Correct

Politically Correct

time insurmountable
going by and by
estimated travel time
unknown without a guide

changes to the schedule
obstacles in the way
always a new route
come what may

knowing from the science
there are troubled times ahead
where do we find guidance?
can we change our vote instead?

instead of our old practices
of voting for the same
have the same old parties
changed the nature of the game?

if it feels impossible
to find solutions in the now
simply vote for the new
the new will show us how

it is correct to do our due diligence
to listen to the political options
choose a candidate that is passionate
about cross party adoption

working for consensus
seeking to change the old
envisioning a future
that is vibrant and bold

qualities of leadership
listening to what is
energetic and respected
are qualities of hers or his

this is our opportunity
to change the direction of our fate
time is illusional
let’s hold open the gate

gagi     09/13/21