Positioning the Sacred

Positioning the Sacred
we have acknowledged the re-turn of the sacred feminine
accompanied by the re-turn of the balanced masculine
what this all means we are starting to explore
and many have now stepped in thru that door
to fully embody the essence of the now
we are also being shown what this relationship can endow
we can re-visit the portal, the portal of love
and experience the flow from below to above
the sacred stones marking the sphere’s own equator
also mark the 12 viewpoints of that central demonstrator
demonstrating to us each view of the upright central stone
marking the awareness of the flow from the unknown
if we are paired and choose to walk the perimeter
who will lead in, the male or female polarimeter?
to know who will lead and who will be the willing follower
requires the maturing of an equalizing thermometer
there are times when the female still welcomes male leadership
with their strength, their focus they respond with their readership
the female brings balance, the ability to hold a position
as the male moves on to face from the opposite side
together they hold the expansive domain and abide
yes abide with thee
the sphere of opportunity
the place of impunity
the portal of love
and the creation thereof
of a loving humanity
gagi     11/05/22