stay away
let me be
i want my freedom
to retreat from we

and then there is oneness
where all are the same
each their part of expressing
the wholeness frame

able to feel, observe and allow
able to share and to others endow
their authentic presence, their perspectives
contributing to collaborative directives

privacy has its place
to know oneself with loving grace
to sit in solitude
to feel and be
letting go disturbances at the periphery
to empty out
to be still and silent
to communicate from the inner realms
to receive guidance, support
from our creative cohorts
to heal, to learn
to spend time to discern
what our feelings mean
how to turn up with our team
and grow the love

the artist will say
they oft need to stay away
from the confusion and illusion
of the chaos around them
to create from within
and then to begin
to be open to share
their art and to dare
to merge with the outer
with the beauty they give
that all may live
in true wholeness

gagi      12/27/18