so much to do
so few hours in the day
wait now and listen
what are we trying to say?
what is the message
when we feel this overwhelm?
we’ve been busy watching others
are we at our own helm?
cancel the judgements
of self and of others
let go of past influence
of those who have been
like fathers and mothers
or sisters and brothers
track and acknowledge
how we are spending our days
that list of not-dones
can we put it away?
what we’ve held on the inside
bring it all out
wear all this stuff on the outside
until it’s worn out
ask for some help
from a very dear friend
along with the unseen
friends will help you see and amend
freedom awaits
simplification, new order
letting go of inner chaos
becoming a curious love-explorer
love of life
love of self
yes once again
being love is our true wealth
being love as our presence
we cannot procrastinate
the fullness of love
we can all orchestrate
gagi     04/28/22