Quantum DIVIDE

The Quantum DIVIDE

there is nowhere to hide
we are experiencing the quantum divide
confusing, somewhat amusing
old identities we’re losing
our own identity at stake

count now the days
we’re surrounded by haze
finding it hard to define
where to draw the line
who are we?

there is a blending, constriction
and no longer a conviction
that we are ourselves
within this body, who dwells?
it is a myst-story

perhaps by the 6th
we will experience the re-mix
benevolent re-formation
the embodied co-creation
of our future untold

to celebrate and behold
living in a new mold
accented by gold
shining and bright
we become our pure light

what does this mean?
will we be physically unseen?
parameters  unlocked
connectivity unblocked
freedom to be

to be the we
the we we don’t need to see
we feel our connection
a complete resurrection
of the ultimate oneness

pure existence cannot be divided
our past, present, future has collided
we will soon experience all as one
one time, perhaps no time or the sum
welcome to the new

looking forward to being you
seeing life as you do too
reframing our reality
experiencing unity not duality
a combined energy
a synergy
of love

gagi     09/03/21