becoming the new, recognizing oneself
allowing one’s life force to shine thru its wealth
choosing to be all that feels into being
acknowledging, accepting, all we are seeing

and from that very point of becoming our wholeness
expanding, exploding from the multitudes of soulness
many new roles, new connections, all ready to seed
responding to the attraction to where there is need

capturing the opportunities, aligning with others
creating new sparks and nurturing the light
shining the brilliance of new creation’s might
then seeing the wonder of what the new might ignite

onward and outward the new creation takes form
inward, begin-ward, our new essence is born
favouring, flavouring love in all that we do
the expression of love is the expression of the new

and curiousi-T about the letter T ?
the 20th letter in the alphabet
the most commonly used consonant
and the second most common letter

present since ancient times of writing
the Mayan symbol for wind, reciting
the importance of communication

perhaps in our ReStarT the T represents
the carrying and sharing of love and of wisdom?
as we evolve towards 2020 may this be our commonality
to carry and share our wisdom
creating the new, a new kingdom
of great love and beauty
surround sound
and 20/20 sight
co-creation’s might
and the light
of the New

gagi      12/26/15