returning from an away place
returning to home
back to the familiar
from experiences grown

why did we leave and then want to return?
what was the journey? for what did we yearn?
sometimes it was change, sometimes for a rest
sometimes we were seeking on a very specific quest

always the journey was an experiential change
and always it allows us to completely rearrange
rather like thinking outside the box
a change in environment rearranges our thoughts

the physical experience also creates
a new awareness to our many interactive states
combining our familiarity with who we are and the new
enables us to broaden the concepts of what we can do

testing our boundaries, both physical and thought
engenders the expansion of what we’ve been taught
changing old patterns, creating new habits
we then yearn to return to where we can add it

to add the expansion from a new place of knowing
aware that our perceptions are continuously growing
into a field where with loving acceptance
we witness and honour creation’s divergence

as the scholars of life, we are seeking the knowledge
seeking our teachers thru grade school and college
divergence and diversity
the cosmic university

and then understanding we’ll never know all
as our sphere of existence rolls on like a ball

gathering more as the movement flows on
adding opportunities to learn, opportunities to spawn
new ways of being, new ways to relate
may the journey back home bring these gems to donate

gagi        12/12/15