Sacred Journey

Sacred Journey

pacify the internal guide whose thresholds have evolved
pacify the makings of defiance when matters are not resolved
magnify the interludes of calmness when addressed
moment by moment love just who you are, do not assess

pendulums keep swinging as we experience the extremes
amplify the pause before the pendulum returns or is deemed
patterns of the journey, opportunities accessed
possibilities presenting as time is compressed

juxtaposed imaginings aligning with our truths
pulling the togetherness into a unified proof
a proof of our existence as simply orbits of the whole
attracting and rebounding according to our role

abstract indifferences will modify the means
specialized focusing will customize the teams
multitudes of journeyers convening to explore
the sacredness awaiting as we pass thru the door

gagi      03/19/16 & 03/20/16