Solomon and the Pearl

Solomon and the Pearl

Solomon speaks and relates to foremothers
the beginnings of time and all that that covers
enter the stillness awake and breathe deeply
a presence is here, surrender completely

a whisper, a wish, a fragment of thought
the slightest in-juncture always is caught
to magnify the trajectory of accumulated focus
shedding the indeterminate and opening the lotus

what is meant by opening the lotus?

the beauty is held within
from stillness that is where to begin
freedom from thought, distraction
open to receive

and that is why we breathe!

receive, release
quantum retrieval
magnificent exchange
a constant coating of the opiate pearl

what is the opiate pearl?

a cultured gem
an intention to create beauty
soporific, calming
spherical belonging

how did this pearl begin? 

the maternal digestive
a tiny speck that is observed and nurtured
examined and loved
understood and acknowledged
birthed and claimed
continuously reframed
as layers proclaim
the new

is this what you would call the pearls of wisdom?

pearls are the epilogue of creation
something to be treasured and proclaimed
something enduring, often renamed
and ultimately always the same
same in value, in virtue, in application

thank you for this dialogue

this is the time for cultured renewal
a conscious motherhood
you are now the foremothers
foremothers of a future you will claim

gagi    05/29/20