Solomon Replies

Solomon Replies

I am here

Where am i?

You are aboard the freight train that is delivering the new.

Why do i feel so uncomfortable?

Spacial awareness has shifted and you are still aligned to the old navigational markers.

Where are the new ones? How do i find them?

Stillness – let the freight train move and simply observe – you are trying to make things happen – position yourself as a sentry – aboard the train – not the navigator, engineer or driver

Okay – but there feels like there is so much to do.

Is there?

My perspective – isn’t it?

Observe, listen, feel – all the answers will appear for what you ask.

And when i want so much for others who are suffering?

Observe, feel, listen, love – the rest is theirs to experience – and theirs to ask for help.

Thank you Solomon – i will let go and allow the new creation to become.

gagi    01/04/16