the deepest of sorrow
comes from within
and the challenge of meeting this
is where to begin?
hold it
and feel it
and love it
in its fullness
somewhere the essence
of sorrow
knows itself
in its wholeness
the departure of loved ones
the loss of home and land
the inability to function
the body unable to respond
to ones command
it happens to all of us
sooner or later
gently be with it
then become the creator
look for the gems
that appear in every day
a smile, a message
an invitation to play
the beauty of nature
the laughter of a child
nurture this oneness
let the past be refiled
be open to the beginning
to the opportunities of life
here we can overcome
all sorrow and strife
be of one heart
embrace who we are
powerful aspects of love
inhabiting the Mar
gagi     05/04/22
the Mar is defined as the ocean of infinite love