the new creation is developing, enveloping
it’s appearance is always of spontaneous ways
elsewhere the doublatudes enshrine the involvers
ne’er to begin as the troubadours of faith

let all assemble their inner resemblances
let all expose that which they are
let the assembly recognize each otherness
let all rejoice in the creative rebar

ever the instance of momentary alignment
the attractors are working to assemble the sames
cherished interludes are cosmically pulling
magnetic conjoining to always reframe

aspiring good-doers can rest on their laurels
they who have worked and envisioned the new
many now leaving to rest on the waysides
encouraged by the momentum of what they all knew

spontaneous jeapordies constantly emerging
vacillating widely to inclusively do
marginal extremities pulled into the systems
calculated emergence into the new

binary willingness invoking the transport
transporting to the dimensional quantum divides
spacial awareness holding the platform
manufacturing the elemental from what subsides

caricatured often by the qualitative enjoyment
placebos of entries into the divide
often emergence can turn over the obvious
spontaneous exposure of the other side

now is the assemblage of more than the magnitude
more than the inner worlds, the inner subsides
growth of the spacial, the ballooning of light fields
here is the spontaneous, where creation abides

gagi        12/23/15

*doublatude – state or condition of doubling or duplicating