St. Bartholomew cont’d

St. Bartholomew cont’d

a calmness presides
eloquent transparencies
a newness imbibed
we are with you

have you ever encountered
an unlikely prism
that expanded a light source
into a life force?

that is the way now
and a time to be shown how
to recognize the Light
and all forms of His might

capture the essence
of the budding and presence
of newness in your days
of the expansion of rays

notice new awareness
and the ease of preparedness
how things seem to flow
and the ease of stop and go

feel the gentle heart centredness
and the ease of what’s meantedness
and the special insentiveness
and creative inventiveness

expand the light in all forms
the expansion creating newborns
life forms of the new creation
of a new genesis persuasion

just do it and now
thru experience you’ll know how
play with the sacred powers
know that you are the endowers
of the future to be

gagi      01/29/14