Structural Building

Structural Building
a new world structure
must begin from within
we are pieces of the structure
so before we start to spin
let us examine our own integrity
clear out thoughts and practices
that no longer make sense
work on our physical
throughout our full length
now if love and yes fun
are the tools of our trade
we as the builders
must design how it’s to be made
check that our tools
are readied and fit
loving every cell in our bodies
will be a key part of it
then check in with others
who are eager builders too
connecting, communicating
to bring in the New
spin and weave
this integral structure
for it will hold and expand
as old paradigms rupture
as artists and builders
the new world we design
will be a beautiful, peaceful
playground of the divine
expanding and inclusive
all life forms living in harmony
growing beyond
where we imagine we belong
the creative force
we will be commanding
will be opening the doors
to understanding
gagi     04/09/23