Symptoms of Exhaustion

Symptoms of Exhaustion
pleasantly relaxed or wired to do
when we are exhausted
there are other symptoms too
again it is awareness
what are our habits?
do we become quiet and still
or does what’s not quite right
upswell until …
we can go into overwhelm
of all that’s not been done
and how we express this
depends on awareness
chronic exhaustion
may need medical attention
or it can be a symptom
of these times of ascension
humanity as a whole
is awakening quickly
with full consciousness as a goal
exhaustion does not mean we’re sickly
the remedies it seems
are to go into deep meditation
seeking to empty out
before any contemplation
then to step into nature
the world where we belong
our exhaustion can evaporate into oneness
as we join a bird’s song
gagi     09/03/22