The Apprentice

The Apprentice

why don’t i like the word apprentice?
it feels too controlling
what about free will?
what about integration or discussion?
do we not learn from each other?

are not all our teachers?
is it not a time for emptiness and re-birth?
who can be the teacher or master now?
is obedience required or simply a desire to serve?
and who/what are we serving?

let us be free
to reflect and respond
let it be freedom
and love as our bond

let us share perspectives
presented not taught
let us weigh and examine them
and feel what is sought

and then all together
we can come to decisions
changing this world
making revisions
creating the new
for all, no omissions

to be and be love
the art of becoming
immersed in the sounds
of the humming and drumming
expanding beyond
what we have ever known
feeling the lift and the freedom
of a dove that has flown

gagi     04/24/14